miércoles, 23 de octubre de 2013

Goddess Armie is here, Can You resist Her?

Hi People! sorry for not writing in some time, I was so busy with work and other stuff. But now, here I am, and today I'm glad to say that I will write again about the best (and my favourite) model, Armie Field!!

We all know Armie is Amazing, and since she is SO PERFECT, Armie Became a Goddess!!! Now You all have to join her Legion, You have to love and admire her and stay at Her feet! You can't ressist, her power and beauty are not from this world, We all have to be loyal to Armie, We have to be her slaves or we will be punished by our perfect Goddess.

Armie is the sexiest woman in this world and the whole universe, She has the best boobs, amazing legs, perfect skin, and every part of her body is awesome, every person in this world would fall at her feet with only looking at her.

Now, there is something really amazing She is giving us, Armie is performing 1 on 1 webcam sessions! What?!?!?!? yeah! You can have a private webcam session with Goddess Armie. If you are a loyal fan of Armie and always dreamed to see her in camera, this is Your chance! Of course, for those webcam sessions you have to pay a tribute to our Goddess, but that really worth. If you want your private webcam session you have to write to Armie to ARMIEJX@GMAIL.COM and you will get the informaton to organize that session.

Goddess Armie is getting a lot of gifts as tribute to her power and beauty, and She always take pictures with those gifts to thank us her loyal fans, so if You want to make a gift to her, and see her using those gifts, you can do it too, You can buy her reaaally sexy outfits and she will wear them for You. I recommend to you all to follow on her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Armiefield and there you can check her Amazon wishlist where you can choose the gifts you can give to her.

Follow her and become Armie's loyal fans, and be remember, She has a Whip and she knows how to use it to punish you all! And She looks sexy as hell when She uses that whip ;) so You might love to be punished.

Armie is amazing, my favourite and now She is my Goddess, I totally melt every time I talk to her before and after writting my articles, and I really love to see her being a Dominatrix now. Love you my Goddess!

lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

A Gift from Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Today was an Amazing day, Christmas came early for me this year. Someone knocked on my door today, was the postman who gave me something really really Amazing. A gift from Marie-Claude Bourbonnais!!

I wrote an article about Marie-Claude some weeks ago and then I talked to her about it (you can read it HERE), She read the article and liked it, that made me
extremely happy!!! I really loved to write about Marie-Claude and it was an amazing feeling talking with her and knowing that She liked what i wrote about her. But that's not all! She asked my shipping adress and She sent me a wonderful gift =D

This is much more than I could ask for... I've got a lot of autographed pictures from the most beautiful woman!!! When I opened the package today I couldn't believe!!! I can't even describe how Happy I am with this. I really admire Marie-Claude so much, and getting this gift from her is incredible for me.

 The best Yoko ever!!!

I wanted to share
hese picturestwith you all because I am so happy today. You all know I write the articles because I love to do it, and of course I do it for free. Knowing when a model liked what I wrote is fantastic and that is all I want, writing something good for the fans and the models is my goal. But Marie-Claude gave me a special reward today and she made me feel that this is the best job in the world!!!! :)

If you are reading this Marie-Claude, I want to say, Thank you! thank you a lot!! for your amazing work as model/cosplayer, for this gift, for taking some of your time to answer my messages, and specially for being such a nice person, because You are not just a super model, you are a great person too, I will save this in my heart!!!

Please, dont forget to visit her website: www.mcbourbonnais.com/

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Francoise Boufhal

Hello people!! sorry for not writing in the last weeks, I was complicated at work and didn't have enough time. But here I am, and today I want to introduce Francoise Boufhal to you all!

She is an amazing woman, born on December 18, in England. Francoise is not just a Glamour model, She is actress and television presenter too. She has a natural breast, size 32F, and a wonderful body. I love her Eyes too!!!

Francoise has appeared in Nuts as Nuts next top model, Zoo and was Maxims April 2009 cover girl. Something intresting about her career is that in her beginnings She was rejeceted in the Fashion Houses because being slim but with too big breasts, yeah... sure that's a problem... Well those Fashion Houses lost her, She became a Famous Model anyways, of course because she is one of the most beautiful women in this planet!

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lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais

Hello Everyone! Today im glad to write about an gorgeous woman who is not just a model, She is an AMAZING Cosplayer too!! Today's article is about Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, the sexiest Canadian. She is a glamour and cosplay model from Canada, and was born in October 15th.

Her cosplays are awesome, and her amazing body makes those cosplays look like real anime Characters. She cosplayed many characters from differents anime/mangas, but my favorite one was Yoko from Gurren Lagan, She dressed this way for the calendar "Cosplay for a cause".

As Glamour model, Marie-Claude worked with a lot photographers, websites and studios like FHM, Actiongirls, Summun Magazine, etc etc.

Marie-Claude is stunning, when you see her face you fall in love immediately, She is SO SO SO Beautiful, blonde, green eyes, her face is a mix between sexy and beauty, and I don't know how to explain it but, she is perfect! And of course, her body is AMAZING, perfect curves and of course a wonderful breast.

What else can I say? I really love her, and I hope I can talk to her someday and maybe make an interview!

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viernes, 12 de julio de 2013

Armie Field - Bigger Boobs!!

Hello Everyone!! If You use to read this site, You should already know Armie Field, one of the hottest models all over the Internet and the world, and She is my Favorite model by far. If you didn't read my past articles about her (including an interview with her) you can check them HERE.

We all know Armie is so beautiful and sexy, thats not any news, but now, She is EVEN MORE sexy, hot and beautiful, are You asking how did She become even more Amazing??? Well, now She has Bigger Boobs!!!!!!! She has 1300cc Super Boobs!!!!!

When I saw the pictures of her new breast I was totally Stunned, Armie always made me melt but now She is even more incredible. If You like big boobs, Armie Field is the best example for that. But of course She is not only a pair of amazinf Boobs, She is the sexiest filipina all over this world, the best Actiongirl Model, an amazing person, great artist!!! and she loves her Fans.

I'm really happy and I have to say Thanks to Armie for sharing with us, your loyal fans, your new shape, and working a lot to give us the best of You.

Now I will share with You all some pictures from Armie and her new Boobs!!! And of course, if you want to see a lot of pictures of her, check them at Actiongirls.com!! You will love these pictures!!

Now that you saw Armie's new boobs, don't You love her even more? I do!! I would love to hug her ;)
Did you like the pictures?More pictures at Actiongirls.com!

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lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

Hitomi Tanaka

What is Better than a beautiful Asian Girl? A beautiful Asian Girl with an amazing Body! and today, I will write about the best example of an Amazing Asian Girl with the hottest body! Hitomi Tanaka!. I totally love Hitomi, She is so so beautiful, and She is hot as the same hell! Her natural breast with a 34J cup size makes her the perfect Woman! I admire her a lot, and Im following her career since she started doing non-nude videos.

Hitomi was born on july 18, 1986 in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. She started as non-nude model in 2007 and appeared in her debut "gravure" video, Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki, in November 2007. In November 2008, she made the jump to JAV (Japanese Adult Video) and became an AV star with the release of her first hardcore film. She didnt only work on Japanese productions, she also worked for SCORELAND!

She is a fun girl wich loves to practise karate, cooking and watching baseball and soccer. And if you want to love her even more, She Likes to watch One Piece!! Marry Me Hitomi!!!

Her videos are great, and She is very good acting in them, She usually looks shy in the movies. On my opinion, She is like an Anime girl but in the real life, and I love it so much. I hope Hitomi is reading this article, I am so happy writing this small article about Hitomi because I admire her a lot!!

Now, Enjoy some images from the best Asian Girl Ever! Hitomi Tanaka!

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